Closet Natural Lighting

Transform Small Spaces into Showcases

Natural Lighting for your Hallway, Entry, Laundry and Closet

Hallways, stairwells, entryways and closets are often
overlooked when it comes to lighting. Although they
are heavily trafficked, they remain missed opportunities
closetNaturalSolatubeLightingfor ensuring safety, showcasing colors and illuminating
the architecture of your home. Solatube Daylighting
Systems allow you to bring daylight indoors so you
can diminish the dark and transform even the smallest
space into a showcase of light.

• Make your home more
inviting with entryways,
hallways and stairwells that are
brightly lit by daylight.
• Hallways often possess underutilized
wall space. With natural
light present, this space can
become a showcase for family
closetNaturalLightingphotos and artwork.
• Adding natural light to a
dark stairwell can open up
the space and help prevent
• Daylight aids in color rendition,
so you’ll see colors in their true
state. Notice the difference
between black and navy blue.
• Transform an entryway into a
showpiece, providing guests
with an inviting entry point to
your home that makes them
feel comfortable and welcome.