Solatube Roof Flashings

For fast and easy installation, Solatube® flashings are available for nearly all roof types and pitches. The flashings provide complete protection and create an attractive appearance on the roof. They’re fabricated as a single, seamless piece to ensure leak-proof performance. Pitched flashings provide the optimal position for the dome to capture daylight on sloped roofs.

no pitch
For Roof Pitches
No Pitch

  • Use on low pitched or flat roofs. Available in 4 in/100 mm or 6 in/150 mm heights.
  • Use 6 in/150 mm for areas prone to heavy snow loads.
Vusion Flat
no pitch
For Roof Pitches

  • Provides a horizontal opening on a sloped roof
Vusion Shingle
Vusion Shake/Slate
Vusion Metal*
*Order metal roof kit
no pitch
Universal Tile

  • Pitched or no pitch models are available.
  • Use standard pitched or standard no pitch flashing as a base.
Vusion Tile
Vusion Flat Tile
no pitch
Curb Mounted
Vusion Standard
Vusion Metal